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Landscaping Services




Landscape design plays a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and overall value of homes and communities. Beyond mere visual appeal, thoughtfully planned landscapes contribute to creating harmonious environments that positively impact the well-being of residents and visitors alike.

In homes, landscape design serves as an extension of indoor living spaces, offering areas for relaxation, recreation, and socialization. Well-designed outdoor spaces not only increase the property's curb appeal but also provide opportunities for homeowners to connect with nature, reducing stress and promoting mental health. Additionally, strategic placement of trees, shrubs, and other greenery can improve energy efficiency by providing natural shade and insulation, thereby reducing utility costs.

At the community level, landscape design fosters a sense of belonging and pride among residents while attracting potential homebuyers and investors. Beautifully landscaped public spaces, such as parks, plazas, and streetscapes, serve as gathering points for community events and recreational activities, promoting social interaction and cohesion. Moreover, green infrastructure elements like rain gardens and bioswales help manage stormwater runoff, mitigate urban heat island effects, and improve air quality, contributing to the overall sustainability and resilience of communities.

In essence, landscape design is not merely about creating visually appealing environments but also about nurturing healthier, happier, and more sustainable homes and communities for current and future generations to enjoy.




An enjoyable outdoor space can improve many aspects of daily life while also increasing the value of your property. One of the biggest factors to any project is planning and design. These frequently get overlooked in the landscaping process, but a good design and a plan for the execution can dramatically impact your timeline, budget and results. We follow a tried-and-true process to provide our clients with personalized landscapes that last for years.

You can expect that when we arrive your property to discuss your landscape vision, we'll assist you to get a clear picture of your expectations, take site measurements, and do a thorough site assessment. We will make suggestions of layout, materials, and plants and give you a project quote and an approximate timeline. Our goal is to exceed client expectations by listening first and then delivering on our strategy to transform your space. We offer a range of services for any project; from start to finish, the team at BLT Landscapes go-to choice for designing your next landscape project.

Our Landscape Design Process

  1. Initial Site Meeting & Planning - our designer will meet at your property to consult with you regarding your goals, planned use of the space, specific requests and more. We also take measurements of the proposed work area at this time and dive into the details of your project including specific layout of features, choosing plant, ground-covering such as mulch, rock and hardscape material, as well as take inventory of existing trees, shrubs & flowers.

  2. Designing - our designer comprises a plan based on your requests and then we compile the numbers to produce a thorough design showing the elements of your new landscape. We also provide a reasonable estimate of the costs associated to construct your new landscape, time frame to complete and more.

  3. Scheduling - by this time the scope of your project is planned out, the next step is to sign our agreement and make necessary deposits. Once a deposit is received, we place your project onto our schedule. The timeline for when be begin the project can vary depending on the season with spring being the busiest time, but our crews work as efficiently as possible to get projects done in a timely manner.

  4. Construction - Many projects we do are completed within a few days, larger or more complex ones may require multiple weeks depending on the scope of work. Our industry is directly impacted by weather but our team stays in contact with you to reduce the chance for surprises.

  5. Completion & Walk-Through - as our installation crew finishes up the work at your property, our team will walk you through your new outdoor space and provide you with necessary information on taking care of your new landscape with recommended watering schedules and other aftercare.

Local Landscape Design
Landscape Design
Mulch, Rock and Edging


Ground covering such as decorative rock and mulch can completely transform your landscape and give your outdoor living space a pleasing appeal. Both mulch and rock will improve your landscape design, but they can also be functional additions to your property. Our skilled landscape crew is highly knowledgeable with all aspects of proper installation. As a full-service landscaping company, BLT Landscapes can address all of your mulch and decorative rock installation needs from start to finish.

Mulch Installation

Mulch is a fantastic way to add that elegant finishing touch to your garden beds and other landscape features. Besides enhancing the property's aesthetics, mulch is also beneficial for curbing weed growth, and its color helps bring out the beauty of trees, shrubs and flowers. Mulch is also helpful for concealing plant roots underground and retaining moisture in the soil, allowing them to stay cooler during the hot summer months. The expert team at BLT Landscapes professionally installs a wide variety of colors including dyed mulch such as black, red, hardwood, cedar, and natural brown pine bark mulch. Our team will carefully lay down your choice of mulch three to four inches deep and use rakes or pitchforks to smooth the surface. Have questions about what mulch color is best for your property? We also provide full-service landscape maintenance to keep your new mulch looking its best.

Landscape Rock Installation

Our ground covering installation services also include decorative rock. Landscape rock is an excellent alternative to wood mulch because it's attractive and aesthetically please while requiring little to no upkeep. Rock can add a sense of warmth and charm to your outdoor areas, and they are a suitable choice for most homeowners that prefer to "set it and forget it".  Our expert decorative rock installers have experience working with a wide variety of options including limestone, beach pebbles, pea gravel, river rock and much more. If you are unsure about the color or style of rock to choose, our knowledgeable designers can assist to find one that will enhance the appearance of your home while complimenting your plants and trees.

Edging Installation

A landscape can have the best trees, plants and flowers and ground covering surrounding them, but if there is nothing separating the mulch or rock from your grass areas, this can lead to a hassle when performing lawn maintenance tasks. Mower blades could easily pick up a piece of mulch or a rock and fling it causing damage or injury. Keep your ground covering material where it belongs and make cutting your lawn easy with bed edging installation. We install a wide variety of edging types sure to fit your budget and maximize aesthetics, this includes small boulders, block or paver, plastic/poly and steel. To get your next mulch, rock or edging installation project started, call us or get an estimate today!


When friends or family come to your home, one of the first things they will notice is your lawn. Having a yard full of thick, vibrantly green grass can go a long way to boosting your home's curb appeal. However, if your yard is barren or full of dying grass, you can renovate your lawn with professional sod installation in Dickinson, TX from BLT Landscapes.

Laying sod is only one of our full-service landscaping company's many services. Whether you need sod for a 5,000 square foot yard or multiple acres, our expert sod installers are up to the task. We utilize a time-tested sod preparation and installation technique to ensure that the new sod will grow into a stunning and lush lawn.

At BLT Landscapes, we apply our experience to every project, including sod installation. Our team will also take care of all the prep work, such as tearing out the old lawn and grading, to ensure that your new yard will handle water properly and provide you with decades of use.

Our Sod Installation Process

We begin all sod installation projects by removing existing materials from the worksite, this can include brush, the old lawn and other debris using heavy equipment when needed. If necessary, we will grade the area to create a natural slope for rainwater to flow away from structures and to a better suited drainage area. Our sod installers add topsoil to the site before conditioning the soil and laying down new sod rolls. From there we will provide watering instructions, for best results - a professionally installed irrigation system will provide adequate water for your new sod to grow in.

Laying New Turf
Mulch, Rock & Edging
SOD Installation
Yard Removal and Renovation


Is your curb appeal in need of a redo? Are weeds overtaking your lawn? Are areas eroding? Or have the shrubs in your landscape beds become overgrown and have left you overwhelmed? Whatever issue you are facing, it can create an aggravating situation to get your yard back to its prime. At BLT Landscapes, our expert team has renovated dozens of properties throughout Dickinson & surrounding areas of Galveston county by effectively removing aged landscapes and yard areas, then crafting new landscaping beds with shrubs and mulch or decorative rock, and then installing a brand new lawn.

Our Yard Makeover Process

  1. Tear-Out/Removal: Using the right equipment to remove everything down to the top soil. Depending on the access points of the work area, this may include a regular-sized or mini skid loader, chainsaws to trim trees, a gas-powered sod cutter, or old-fashioned shovels combined with hard work. We remove the old lawn, worn-out landscaping, etc., and all debris is hauled off-site to a proper compost site or waste facility.

  2. Site Prep: The first item is correcting slopes for proper drainage with rough grading (if applicable).

  3. Hardscape Construction: Any block walls and patios or walkways are built first.

  4. Landscape Installation: Trees, shrubs & flowers are planted along with the installation of landscape edging and mulch or decorative rock.

  5. New Lawn Installation: Topsoil is delivered and graded out (if applicable), followed by an irrigation system installation if one is not yet present, and lastly, installing sod to create an instantly green lawn.

Yard Remval & Renovation


Have you recently gone into your yard after a rain shower only to discover multiple soft spots or standing water in your yard? If so, your landscape is likely experiencing drainage issues, which takes away the ability for you to enjoy your yard. It also signifies that water from the outdoors can flow toward your house and potentially cause substantial water damage.

Issues with yard drainage can occur for many reasons, including a bad slope, improper soil compaction, and landscaping features that force water to flow toward your home instead of away from the structure. At BLT Landscapes, we have years of experience addressing issues with drainage systems. Our team is well-trained and capable of assessing and solving drainage issues for residential and commercial customers.

If you'd like to get more information on your property's drainage issues, request a quote or call us and our team will be happy to talk with you about our solutions for landscape and yard drainage.


At BLT Landscapes, we take drainage and landscape issues seriously. If you need to re-grade your landscape and yard to solve drainage issues, you can be confident our team will use the industry-leading techniques and proper equipment such as a skid loader to create the right solution for water management on your property. We can also install downspout extensions or other options if grading is not the ideal course of action.

French Drains, Subsurface Drainage & Catch Basins

A French drain or drain tile is a technique involving the installation of a drainage pipe at the bottom of a trench. The trench is full of rock or gravel, and its design allows the French drain to redirect water to a specific area on the property. Many people assume that installing a French drain is a simple do-it- yourself project, but it is easy to install the drain tile incorrectly, worsening drain issues. BLT Landscapes has years of experience working with French drains, so we understand how to execute the project correctly. Our landscape and drainage experts use specialized equipment to ensure that the land retains optimal grading throughout the entire drain tile system to allow maximum water flow throughout the year.

Drainage Solutions
Yard Garding


If you are noticing areas within your lawn that should be leveled out, whether it's in the middle of the yard where your kids play or along the foundation of your house, it's likely you would benefit from our grading services. Proper grading ensures your yard is safe and aesthetically pleasing and will not lead to costly damage to your home. The team at BLT Landscapes specializes in professional lawn grading services to resolve safety issues and create your yard's desired slope so water does not pool up or cause foundation issues.

Grading & Leveling Services We Offer:

  • Slope Correction

  • Final Grading

  • Site Prep For Landscape Projects

  • Lawn Leveling

Planting Trees, Shrubs & Flowers


Trees, shrubs, and flowers are excellent additions to any landscape. If you're interested in installing new trees and plants around your property, our team of landscape design and installation specialists is ready to transform the appearance of your property.

Trees and plants offer a vast amount of visual interest in any landscape project, but planting trees and shrubs at your home is a labor-intensive process. You have to know about proper plant placement in conjunction with other outdoor features like gardens and retaining walls.


It is also necessary to know about the sun-shade ratio and soil moisture levels to ensure the plants can thrive. Instead of attempting a tree and shrub planting project alone, allow the professionals at BLT Landscapes to use our advanced landscaping knowledge to elevate your yard. We have experience providing tree, shrub, and flower planting services so we know how to find the best plants and planting locations on your property.

Drainage Solutions
Plantin Trees, Shrubs & Flowers
Yard Grading
BLT Landscapes Design




Artificial lawns aren't just for golf courses and football fields anymore. Fake grass installation has become an increasingly affordable way for homeowners and businesses to get an amazing yard plus save time and money in the long run. Installing synthetic grass reduces the need to water your lawn, thereby conserving resources and reducing your water bill. It also eliminates the need for traditional lawn maintenance, such as mowing, fertilizing, and weeding, allowing you to save a few hours each weekend that would otherwise be spent working in the yard.

Another great feature of installing artificial lawns is reducing pollen and allergens around your home while also being extremely resilient to foot traffic from people and pets. Combining these benefits results in a cost-effective way to get a beautiful property that looks great year-round.

Artificial Turf
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