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Hardscapes Design




Hardscapes in landscape design possess a mesmerizing allure, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics to craft outdoor spaces of unparalleled beauty. Each element, from rugged stone pathways to meticulously crafted brick patios, tells a story of craftsmanship and ingenuity. The juxtaposition of sturdy materials against the softness of nature creates a harmonious balance, enhancing the visual appeal of any landscape.


Whether it's the gentle curve of a retaining wall or the intricate pattern of a cobblestone driveway, hardscapes add depth and structure, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary works of art.


With their enduring charm and timeless elegance, hardscapes stand as testaments to the artistry of landscape design, inviting admiration and enchantment with every glance.




Many homeowners throughout our city appreciate the stylish look of concrete pavers or natural stone, which is why the material is a popular choice for both patios and walkways. Pavers and natural stone are relatively low-maintenance and come available in a broad range of colors, sizes and textures making them excellent options for creating a custom feature within an outdoor living area. For paver patios and walkways that exceed your expectations, turn to the experts at BLT Landscapes. Our team has years of experience creating stunning one-of-a-kind patios and walkways using pavers and natural stones. Thanks to our expertise and skills, we can help you select the best materials for your beautiful custom design.

Our landscape design & build team works closely with our clients to ensure that everyone receives personalized attention and care. 

Transform Your Yard Into A Picturesque Outdoor Space

We use only the best quality pavers on our projects. During the planning & design portion of your project, our designer will meet with you to discuss the intended use of your patio so that we can ensure that the installation is stylish, functional and suitable for your needs and budget. We can also implement additional features to paver patios like water features and seating walls.

Materials we use for paver patios and walkways are the most versatile building materials available in Texas. We are able to use them for permanent outdoor fixtures which will last for decades. With paver installation services from BLT Landscapes, you can rest assured that your new landscape feature will boost your home's curb appeal while becoming an extension of the usable space at your home.

Covered Patios and Pergolas
Covered Patos & Pergolas
Raised Gardens


Block Walls For Raised Garden Beds

Dramatically boost the curb appeal of your home with an element of uniqueness by installing raised gardens. Raised beds give your property an elegant appearance while simultaneously making lawn maintenance an easier task because the mulch or rock will stay in place. You'll never have to worry about lawn mower blades picking up a chunk of mulch or small rock and flinging it into the air which could damage property or cause injury.

Another top benefit of raised beds is they are easier to maintain and promote better plant growth. Walking in a landscape bed or garden will cause soil compaction that can lead to problems with drainage and the ability for water, air and nutrients to reach the roots.

If weeds happen to sprout up, compact soil can make it difficult to remove them. With raised garden beds, you are also able to maintain plants without having to step on the soil, and if the garden is built tall enough you may not even have to bend over that could otherwise cause a sore back.


Custom Water Features

Water features are one of the best yard additions that could take your landscape design to the next level. Whether you prefer a small fountain for your front yard or a large natural stone fountain for your backyard, a custom water feature will give your property a sense of beauty and calmness.

If you're looking for ways to incorporate water features at your Texan home, turn to BLT Landscapes. Our water feature services blend beauty and functionality in custom garden waterscapes that will enhance your landscape's aesthetic and create a serene personal oasis right outside your door.

Landscape & Garden Fountains

The highly-trained team at BLT Landscapes has years of experience working with many types of water features. Though many landscape and garden waterscapes are similar, we can construct a custom-built feature that gives your home a true one-of-a-kind feel. There are numerous fountain sizes, colors and configurations to consider.

Our team pays close attention to detail and undergo intense preparation to ensure that we flawlessly execute every water feature project. That includes carefully selecting fountain colors, rock styles and the placement of the feature to ensure it will harmoniously compliment the other elements of your landscaping. 

Rock Bubblers, Basalt Tower Fountains & More

We can construct and install many water features in Dickinson, TX including garden fountains, basalt tower fountains, rock bubblers and much more. A backyard fountain is a unique component that adds a focal point to your front or backyard landscape.

Water Features
Raised Gardens
Waer Features
BLT Landscapes Design



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