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Landscape Maintenance




Excellent maintenance in landscape design is the steadfast guardian of beauty, preserving the integrity and allure of outdoor spaces with meticulous care and attention to detail. It is the art of nurturing flourishing gardens, manicured lawns, and pristine pathways, ensuring they remain vibrant and inviting year-round.


Through regular pruning, watering, and fertilizing, maintenance teams uphold the vision of the designer, cultivating landscapes that exude vitality and charm. Beyond aesthetics, impeccable maintenance safeguards the health of plants and ecosystems, fostering resilience against the forces of nature. It is a labor of love, a dedication to the ongoing stewardship of the natural world, and a testament to the enduring beauty of well-tended landscapes.




An aesthetically pleasing lawn is a beautiful addition to any southeast Texas home, it can be challenging to keep up with constant mowing and other aspects of lawn care. Then add in the summer heat being downright brutal and just about anybody will become absolutely exhausted after working outside for an hour or two.

Turning to a professional lawn mowing company can ensure your lawn is looked after to maintain curb appeal at your home or business without having to work in the heat and humidity. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking a household task off your schedule can relieve stress and help you get more rest or enjoy other activities.

The experts at BLT Landscapes will ensure your lawn will look its best with a comprehensive year- round lawn mowing and landscape maintenance plan. 

Reliable Grass Cutting Services

When you hire the sought-after professionals at BLT Landscapes, you can expect to receive top-quality service along with an amazing customer experience. Our crews use industrial-grade equipment for cutting grass, ensuring that your lawn is perfectly manicured by cutting all turf areas and then trimming the areas that mowers cannot reach. Once the cutting is finished, our crew will use leaf blowers to remove grass clippings that may have landed in landscape beds, on sidewalks, patios and other hardscape surfaces. Our goal is to simplify our clients' lives, so we'll never leave a mess after a visit.

Lawn Mowing
Lawn Fertilization and Top Dressing


Local Lawn Care & Fertilizing Experts

Having healthy lawn adds to your curb appeal and is ideal for promoting a healthy ecosystem. However, a busy life makes taking care of your yard quite a challenge! If you are like most southeast Texas residents, you need reliable and environmentally-friendly lawn care service that will transform your yard into a lush space. Look no further for lawn care than BLT Landscapes. We understand the frustrations of traditional lawn care and resolve them with professional solutions by bringing forth a focus on holistic services to restore your lawn into a green oasis.

We start off with using "Hippie Juice" liquid fertilizer. Hippie Juice is a blend of quality fertilizers, bio-stimulants and bio inoculate all combined to stimulate soil biology, encourage plant growth and help increase your lawn's ability to stand up against stressors such as extreme temperatures and foot traffic. For the homeowner that prefers granular applications, we use Microlife's organic fertilizer which slowly releases nitrogen along with other macro and micro nutrients to promote healthy soil while helping build a healthy and resilient yard.

Lawn Topdressing Services

Has the process of getting your lawn to look its best become an overwhelming and stressful nightmare? Whether you've tried to green up your lawn with traditional fertilizers but, your yard has several bare spots, we're here to help with our team of lawn restoration specialists. Topdressing is a natural approach to restoring your lawn's health. By employing a strategic mix of compost, sandy soil, loam and organic matter, this drastically improves soil structure and gives your lawn the ability to better absorb water. Topdressing also creates the ideal environment for microbes to set up shop and encourage more robust root growth.

Restoring your lawn with fertilization and topdressing is an excellent option to get your yard into better shape without having to spend thousands on lawn removal and installing new sod.


Your Local Spring Yard Clean Up Experts

A spring yard clean up is a must if the winter months left their wrath on your lawn and landscape from fallen leaves, pine needles, sticks and other debris accumulate throughout your yard and it can become a complete mess. There's no better way to get your property ready for fresh spring growth than a professional yard clean up. A standard spring clean up will involve removing leaves, sticks, etc. from your landscape beds (our crews generally use leaf blowers for maximum efficiency), then using commercial-grade mowers to break down and bag up the debris while cutting any grass that may have started to grow in. We then haul the debris off-site to be composted.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the state of your yard, our spring clean up services will help get your property ready for you and your family to enjoy. 

Professional Lawn Dethatching

As the grass grows, a build-up of dead plant material will naturally form under the surface of your yard. The layer of thatch can grow too thick and harm the health of your grass. For example, if too much thatch is present under your lawn, the layer can block water flow and starve your lawn of nutrients from fertilizer.

Whenever you notice decreased growth or excessive brown spots on your lawn, it may be time to consider lawn dethatching services. This process is an essential part of lawn maintenance as it clears the way for fresh grass to grow in since the dead material is removed. When you hire an experienced company like BLT Landscapes, you will see results in the form of a healthier and more robust lawn. Call us today at (281) 724-5075 or fill out our online form to get a quote.

Spring Clean up and dethaching
Lawn Fertilizaton & Top Dressing
Spring Clean up & Dethatching
Fall Clean Up and Leaf Removal


Local Leaf Removal Experts

Most homeowners want a tidy and well-kept lawn year-round, but when fall and winter arrive and leaves begin to fall it can be challenging. With modern life being so hectic, it's incredibly beneficial to hire a professional leaf removal service to clean up your yard once the leaves and other debris start piling up.

Removing leaves and general lawn clean ups are critical if too much debris piles up in your yard and landscape beds as it can block sunlight and impede your lawn and plants' ability to grow. 

Let Us Handle The Yard Clean Up Work

When you hire the team at BLT Landscapes to remove leaves from your property, you can beautify your property without having to lift a finger. Gone are the nights and weekends spent raking leaves, piling them into bags and driving to the compost site on multiple occasions. Instead, you can count on our crew's efficient work, transparent pricing and effective communication to get it done right the first time.

Fall Clean Up and Leaf Removal


Maintain Your Property's Curb Appeal

At BLT Landscapes, we create we create one-of-a-kind landscapes designed around your ideal lifestyle. Whether that's an expansive yard with fresh sod, planting beds filled with shrubs and mulch, or a luxurious paver patio with a seating wall and raised gardens, or something in-between. While the initial installation of your project is important, a critical factor to the long-term success of your outdoor oasis is the maintenance of your landscape elements.

This involves pulling weeds that may pop up in your mulch, removing debris such as sticks and leaves, and general clean up to keep your outdoor space looking its absolute best.

Landscape Bed Maintenance
Trimming Shrubs


Ornamental Tree Trimming

Each hedge and tree on your property plays an integral role in your outdoor space, whether it's for splashes of color, shade or fragrance. Our goal at BLT Landscapes is to help you keep them all orderly and healthy. A good trimming not only encourages growth but also keeps your yard from looking overgrown and disorderly. Our team has years of experience giving residences a facelift when it comes to the exterior presentation provided by trees and shrubs.

Our team is the top choice whether you are looking for a service to provide routine shrub trimming, or you need a company capable of completing a thorough landscape renovation. involving the total removal of your shrubs and old landscaping, we put our horticultural expertise to use to make sure each plant stays happy and thrives over the long-term.

Bed Maintenance
Tree Trimming
BLT Landscapes Design



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