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Top 3 Methods to Correct Yard Drainage in Southeast Texas

If you notice water build-up in your yard whenever it rains, you may have a drainage issue. Improper yard drainage can lead to costly repairs to your home's foundation and other water-related issues.. A professional landscaping company like BLT Landscapes understands drainage issues and how to best address the problem.

What Can Cause Yard Drainage Issues?

• Uneven slopes in your landscape

• Elements in your yard blocking the natural water flow

Improper soil compaction

Lack of water outlets or gutters - Homeowners may try to block sloping grounds by placing plants or mulch, installing sod at a slope, etc. Unfortunately, these DIY projects won't last as a permanent solution and can cause further damage if improperly installed.

Experienced landscapers use three common methods to ensure that your yard drainage issues disappear for good:

• Re-grading the slope of your yard

• Installing French drains

• Building dry creek beds

Method 1: Re-Grading

Yard drainage problems often result from the way the ground slopes. Re-grading the ground around your home allows water to drain away from structures on your property, keeping your house's foundation or basement safe from flooding and damage. Professionals use equipment like a skid loader to naturally fix bad slopes in your yard, changing the ground's surface without a major construction project.

Method 2: French Drains

The French drain method involves digging a trench in your yard, placing a perforated drain pipe inside, and covering it with rock or gravel. When it rains, water drips through the rocks and into the line, which directs it away from your home. This stops water from building up and causing structural issues, pooling near your gutter downspouts, or collecting on paved surfaces.

Method 3: Dry Creek Beds

The most aesthetically pleasing of yard drainage corrective methods, dry creek beds, begin with a dug trench to collect water. Stones or large rocks go over the line, making a natural creek bed.

This helps stop water pooling by giving it somewhere lower to go. You may not notice much action during a light sprinkle, but torrential rains show you the value of your dry creek bed as it redirects water that might otherwise threaten your home.

If re-grading your yard doesn't fit your landscaping plans and you don't like the utilitarian look of French drains, dry creek beds add a functional but beautiful element to your yard. They don't require artificial material such as the perforated drain pipe, solving your problem with a natural look.

You shouldn't ignore yard drainage issues on your property. Reach out to BLT Landscapes today for a quote on top- rated outdoor drainage services in southeast Texas.


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