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Mulch, Landscape Rock & Edging Installation

BLT Landscapes provides residents in Dickinson and many surrounding communities with the top-quality mulch, decorative rock and edging installation services to boost your property’s curb appeal.

Professional Ground Covering Installers Dickinson, TX

Ground covering such as decorative rock and mulch can completely transform your landscape and give your outdoor living space a pleasing appeal. Both mulch and rock will improve your landscape design, but they can also be functional additions to your property. Our skilled landscape crew is highly knowledgeable with all aspects of proper installation. As a full-service landscaping company, BLT Landscapes can address all of your mulch and decorative rock installation needs from start to finish.

Mulch Installation

Mulch is a fantastic way to add that elegant finishing touch to your garden beds and other landscape features. Besides enhancing the property’s aesthetics, mulch is also beneficial for curbing weed growth, and its color helps bring out the beauty of trees, shrubs and flowers. Mulch is also helpful for concealing plant roots underground and retaining moisture in the soil, allowing them to stay cooler during the hot summer months.

The expert team at BLT Landscapes professionally installs a wide variety of colors including dyed mulch such as black, red, hardwood, cedar, and natural brown pine bark mulch. Our team will carefully lay down your choice of mulch three to four inches deep and use rakes or pitchforks to smooth the surface. Have questions about what mulch color is best for your property? Contact us today to speak with our team and get the insight for what would coincide best with your existing shrubs, trees and the color of your home’s exterior. We also provide full-service landscape maintenance to keep your new mulch looking its best.

Landscape Rock Installation

Our ground covering installation services also include decorative rock. Landscape rock is an excellent alternative to wood mulch because it’s attractive and aesthetically please while requiring little to no upkeep. Rock can add a sense of warmth and charm to your outdoor areas, and they are a suitable choice for most homeowners that prefer to “set it and forget it”.

Our expert decorative rock installers have experience working with a wide variety of options including limestone, beach pebbles, pea gravel, river rock and much more. If you are unsure about the color or style of rock to choose, our knowledgeable designers can assist to find one that will enhance the appearance of your home while complimenting your plants and trees.

Edging Installation

A landscape can have the best trees, plants and flowers and ground covering surrounding them, but if there is nothing separating the mulch or rock from your grass areas, this can lead to a hassle when performing lawn maintenance tasks. Mower blades could easily pick up a piece of mulch or a rock and fling it causing damage or injury. Keep your ground covering material where it belongs and make cutting your lawn easy with bed edging installation. We install a wide variety of edging types sure to fit your budget and maximize aesthetics, this includes small boulders, block or paver, plastic/poly and steel.

To get your next mulch, rock or edging installation project started, call us or get an estimate today!

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