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6 Best Trees to Plant in Southeast Texas

Long summers and a warm climate make Texas a fantastic place to grow stately trees and perennial woody plants. Give your property shade and natural beauty by planting some of these trees on your property. As you incorporate tree planting into your next landscaping project, keep the Texas weather in mind. Your trees should withstand the heat and tolerate cold temperatures in the winter. Overall, growing trees in Houston means striking the right balance.

Nuttall Oak

Do you have fond memories of resting in the shade on a hot Texas day? Give your children and grandchildren a chance to make their own memories by planting Nuttall oaks. Nuttall oaks can handle heavy rains and waterlogged soil, making them a good fit for Houston. They take about 20 years to reach their full height of up to 60 feet. They are less popular than other oak trees. However, they are a smart pick for Houston area property owners.

Drake Elm

Drake elms are hardy, fast-growing trees that keep their leaves until late in the year. These deciduous trees add color to your property in the fall as their leaves turn shades of orange and yellow. The drake elm’s tree trunk has a pleasing gray-orange color and sturdy bark as well. Drake elms can also withstand beetles, including the species that carries Dutch elm disease. Grass grows well under drake elms. These trees provide a lush, shady spot to read a book, rest, or contemplate nature.

Mandarin Orange

Imagine waking up to freshly squeezed orange juice, courtesy of your very own mandarin orange tree. Mandarin orange trees do well in southern climates and are hardy in the event of the occasional cold snap.


As a smaller tree with bright fall foliage to complement your drake elms, the redbud is a great planting choice. Redbuds can also get by without a lot of water. Their flowers are a sight to behold in early spring.

Southern Magnolia

If you need an evergreen for your landscape, try the southern magnolia. Southern magnolia trees symbolize the elegance, resilience, and deep roots of southern culture. They grow as tall as 80 feet and produce breathtaking white flowers. We recommend planting magnolia trees in your backyard or at the edges of your property to give you privacy year-round.

Mexican Fan Palm

The Mexican fan palm is a good choice for Houston because it provides a tropical vibe. It can also handle the moisture and occasional spells of cold weather that we tend to get in this part of the state. Mexican fan palms are excellent trees for shade that won’t shed many leaves into your swimming pool.

If you’re in the southeast Houston metro and are in need of professional tree planting along with other full-service landscaping, contact the experts at BLT Landscapes today.

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